Public Works

The Public Works Department is comprised of seven Divisions, is staffed by approximately 168 people, and operates with an annual budget in excess of 12 million dollars. This makes us the largest personnel and budgetary agency, with the exception of the Board of Education.

We are responsible for the maintenance, operation, and security of all municipal buildings, streets and sidewalks, playgrounds, ballfields, parks, traffic lights, beaches, trees,  sewer systems, storm drains, and special street lighting.  We perform all garbage and recyclable collections and are responsible for vehicle and equipment upkeep.

Besides our public safety responsibilities, we assist many civic organizations when they conduct various functions such as parades, the Oyster Festival, and Woodmont Day.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Christopher Saley Director (203) 783-3265
Steven Johnson Assistant Public Works Director (203) 783-3265