Building Maintenance Division

This Division maintains all city buildings at the highest possible standard and for the least possible cost to the taxpayers. We do this through a preventive maintenance program, which runs the gamut from floor care to managing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. All building projects, renovations and repairs fall under the purview of the Division an example is the new Health Department, which was reconstructed in 2000.

We are responsible for the security, maintenance, repair, and utilities at 18 municipal buildings and at all city parks, greens and recreation areas. “Maintenance” means anything from ensuring that fire extinguishers are checked annually to meet fire and handicap accessibility code requirements.

This Division maintains 28 city traffic lights and 9 flashing lights, updates controllers, replaces bulbs, and ensures that pedestrian walk lights operate properly. We also pay all municipal building utility bills and the electricity bills for both traffic (including state traffic lights) and ball field and parking area lighting.