Mayors Office

Benjamin G. Blake, Mayor

In November 2011, at age 33, Ben was elected the 10th Mayor of Milford, CT.  He previously served eight years as a member of the Board of Aldermen, including terms as Minority Leader and as Chairman.

Ben was born in Milford and his parents, grandparents, and even a generation before that made Milford their home.  He grew up riding Bus “K” to Calf Pen Meadow and playing sports at Foran High. He attended the University of Richmond in Virginia where he studied History and Government. While in Virginia, Ben taught Civics to high school juniors and seniors. He then returned to Connecticut, attended law school at Quinnipiac University, and from 2004 through 2011 practiced law on the beautiful Downtown Green.

Now in his fifth term as Mayor, Ben has enacted a series of cost cutting initiatives and streamlined City operations to make Milford government more effective and efficient; Milford taxpayers have experienced four consecutive tax cuts while the City's bond rating was upgraded to an enviable AAA credit score. Ben's focus on economic development has stimulated a tidal wave of business expansion that has grown the City's tax base; Milford's Grand List is now the largest in New Haven County and one of the top in the State. Most notably, Ben has led Milford through Storm Sandy and Blizzard Nemo, and has received widespread praise and appreciation for his management during two of the worst natural disasters in the City’s history.

When not conducting Milford business, Ben and his wife, Sandy, delight in raising their three children, Carter, Caroline and Tucker, in a home behind the Library – in walking distance to Milford’s beaches, harbor, downtown, and the City’s other fantastic amenities.