Dog Licenses

Don't forget to license your dog!

Connecticut State Law requires any dog 6 months or older:

1. to have a current rabies vaccination and

2. to be licensed during the month of June of each year.  Note: a $1.00 late fee per month will be charged beginning July 1st.

Verification of a previous dog license is required.  You should have a current dog license from the previous town of residence or a current dog license of previous owner.

2 Ways To Obtain A Dog License:

A. In person.

You will need to bring:

  • rabies vaccination certificate;
  • spay/neuter certificate if applicable and
  • check, cash or money order. We accept all credit cards. Note there is a processing fee of $1.50 for all credit card transactions.

B. By Mail

Print the dog license application, complete it and mail it to this office along with a copy of:

  • rabies vaccination certificate;
  • spay/neuter certificate if applicable; 
  • cash, check or money order
  • self-addressed, stamped envelope

 Please make check payable to:  Milford City Clerk 

License TypeFees
Not Neutered/Spayed$19.00
Late Fee Per Each Month$1.00
Kennel License$51.00
Lost Tag$.50
Residence Transfer Tag (same dog owner moves their residence to new town)$.50
Replacement Transfer Tag (new owner of already licensed dog)$1.00