Dog Licenses

Any dog 6 months or older is required to have a current rabies vaccination and to be licensed during the month of June of each year.  A $1.00 late fee per month will be charged beginning July 1st.

Verification of previous dog license required.  Customer should have current dog license of previous town of residence or current dog license of previous owner.

Mail a copy of the following
    Rabies vaccination certificate
    Spay/neuter certificate

Make check payable to:  Milford City Clerk (Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope)

License TypeFees
Not Neutered/Spayed$19.00
Late Fee Per Each Month$1.00
Kennel License$51.00
Lost Tag$.50
Residence Transfer Tag (same dog owner moves their residence to new town)$.50
Replacement Transfer Tag (new owner of already licensed dog)$1.00