Energy Assistance

The Connecticut Energy Assistance Program benefits thousands of homeowners and renters throughout the state. The Federal Program is designed to provide financial assistance to needy households in an effort to make energy costs more affordable during the winter heating season. This assistance is helps with your main heating source such as oil, natural gas, electricity, propane, kerosene, coal or wood. Households eligible for the winter heating program may also be eligible to receive weatherization assistance. This program is intended to make small home improvements that help to conserve energy and, in turn, lower heating bills. On behalf of the Community Action Agency, TEAM Inc, The Department of Human Services has been designated as an official intake site for Milford Residents.  To inquire about eligibility, or to schedule an appointment, please contact:
The Department of Human Services at 203-783-3253.
To apply for assistance, applicants must provide the following documents:
  • Social Security Numbers for all household members
  • Date of Birth for all household members, birth certificates are not required
  • Name of participating fuel company or most recent utility bill (must be in the name of a household member and have the full account number)
  • Current liquid assets, all pages of all statements for all members of the household must be provided
This includes: savings and checking accounts, credit union accounts, bonds, stocks/shares, CDs
(Statements must include: your name, financial institution, full account number with 30 days of activity)
***If you have a savings passbook it must be updated within the last 30 days***
If you are over 59 you must provide IRAs and 401K statements
  • RENTERS: need to provide current verification of rent. This may include a current lease agreement, current rent receipt, copy of cancelled check, letter from the landlord or Section 8 award notice
***You will also need to provide the landlord’s name, address and telephone number***
  • HOMEOWNERS: need to provide current verification of  mortgage; this may include a statement or coupon book
  • If you receive CASH ASSISTANCE, you will need your current award notice or the DSS reminder to apply for Energy Assistance
Current Income Documentation
Please bring the following documentation that applies to you and ALL household members who are out of high school.
Sources of Income and acceptable documentation:
  • Employment paystubs dating back four (4) weeks prior to your appointment date, or a letter from the employer on company letterhead stating the gross amount
  • Disability/SSD/SSI 2020 Social Security Benefit Statement (documentation must state disabled)
  • Social Security 2020 Social Security Benefit Statement, copy of most recent check, or current bank statement stating Social Security deposit
  • Pension Pension Statement, a copy of most recent check, or current bank statement stating Pension deposit
  • Child Support amount received four (4) weeks prior to your appointment date; this may include a divorce decree, court documentation, letter from parent paying support, or bank statement
  • Unemployment 24 hours prior to your appointment log onto and print out a claim inquiry
  • Self Employed a copy of your last tax return, during your appointment you will also need to complete a self-employment worksheet
  • Veterans Benefits  current verification of amount received and documentation stating 100% disabled
  • Workman’s Compensation paystubs dating back four (4) weeks prior to your appointment date
  • Cash Assistance current award notice from DSS or worksheet
  • Rental Property you will need to provide current documentation of all rental income this may include current lease agreement, copy of cancelled check, or Section 8 award notice
*To apply on someone’s behalf written permission or power of attorney documentation must be provided*