Garage Division

This Division repairs and maintains all city vehicles and equipment, except for that belonging to the Board of Education and the Fire Department.

The fleet has more than 250 vehicles and pieces of equipment including Police vehicles and boats, backhoes, garbage packers, lawn mowers, chain saws, plows, sanders, and other related equipment.

We have a computerized preventive maintenance program and this means better on time service, i.e. oil changes, etc., for our fleet.

This Division purchases all parts, tires, and fuel for the fleet. There is a cost back charge on fuel to some departments that is calculated by the computerized “FuelMaster” dispensing system in the Public Works office.

The Garage Division is also responsible for emissions testing for vehicles that are required to be tested. Any department with a city vehicle is given a test schedule and must pick-up a prepaid coupon from the Garage prior to going to Stratford for the test.

The Garage, through the bid process, contracts with a local car wash for cleaning and washing our vehicles. Special services such as interior cleaning or compound/waxing are performed on an as-needed basis.

Police cruisers sometimes are soiled by prisoners and require complete interior cleaning.

Equipment that cant navigate through the car wash (plow trucks, sanders, jets, and garbage packers) are cleaned at the Garage.