Solid Waste/Trash & Recycling Division

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the collection of garbage, recyclables, and bulky waste from residences and for removing garbage from public buildings and schools.

This Division also operates the scale house at the Transfer Station and provides residents with a disposal facility for used motor oil, freon, leaves, cardboard, and those items not collected in our bulky waste removal program.

We also provide garbage collections for civic functions such as the Oyster Festival and the Firemens Muster and we work with the condominium coalition to schedule a bulk trash pick-up for them once a year.

Each year we collect more than 13,000 tons of residential garbage, 3,000 tons of residential recyclables, 4,000 tons of bulk trash, 450 tons of metal, and 3,000 tires.

In addition, residents bring approximately 2,000 tons of co-mingled waste, 300 tons of metal, 4,000 gallons of waste oil, 40 gallons of antifreeze, and 100 tons of recyclables to the transfer station each year.

We also activate during emergencies, storms, hurricanes, and floods and perform debris removal services.