Highway/Parks Division


This Division is responsible for the publics safe use of all parks, streets, sidewalks, municipal building grounds, beaches, tennis courts, ball fields, and greens. Some of its activities include:

Streets - plow/sand, pave, and patch potholes. Line striping, sweeping, curb repair and installation, catch-basin cleaning, repair and installation of drainage systems, road side mowing, installation of street and traffic signs. (Milford has approximately 970 streets, which include 33 private, 28 in Woodmont, 8 on State roads and 35 paper streets.) We are responsible for 194.9 miles of streets and eleven bridges.

Sidewalks - repair or replace damaged municipal sidewalks. Shovel snow and sand walks around city buildings.

Parks/playgrounds - mowing, flower planting, seed/loam, repair/install playground equipment, stripe/mow ball fields.

Beaches - daily cleaning during summer months. Maintenance/installation of seawalls, fishmouth valves, tide-gates, and other drainage as required. Maintain public rights-of-way to beaches.

Trees - plant new trees; remove dead or diseased trees and stumps. Trim low hanging branches from sidewalks and streets.