Health Department

Welcome to the home page of the Milford Health Department. We are the local public health authority for the City of Milford, Connecticut.

The role of a local health department is to protect and promote the public's health. Although a daily factor in all our lives, public health is one of the least visible and least understood of all public functions. In a nutshell, public health provides all those services needed to protect and promote health that cannot be readily performed in the private sector or by health care providers. Public health is not health care. Often misunderstood as a service for the poor or for only certain segments of the community, public health serves everyone. Unlike health care, if we do our job perfectly, you’ll never know we were there.

Please explore the links on the left to learn more about these public health functions and how we provide them here in Milford.

The Milford Health Department strives to provide accurate and reliable information to the public.  The Milford Health Department assumes no responsibility for the misuse or application of any material posted on its website or printed documents.  Our information is intended for the sole purpose of providing the public with general health-related information.  If you are seeking specific or individual advice or counseling whether medical, legal, or otherwise, you should contact a licensed practitioner or professional, a social services agency representative, or an organization in your local community.  The Milford Health Department can serve as a resource for seeking this assistance.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Deepa D. Joseph, MPH Director of Health
Laura M. Miller, REHS/RS Chief, Environmental Health Division
Joan Campbell, MSN, RN Director of Nursing
Tara Mustakos-Wassmer, RS, CHES Local Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Matthew Brattoli, MPH, REHS/RS Deputy Director of Health
Jennifer Clarke-Lofters, MPA Community Health Coordinator

Board Members