Putting on AIRS Asthma Program

What is it?
The Milford Health Department received funding from the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) to coordinate a regional asthma home assessment program, Putting on AIRS, in DPH Asthma Region 6.  Putting on AIRS is a asthma self management program that provides three face to face asthma education visits with at least one visit taking place within the home. During the home visit the reduction of environmental asthma triggers in your home is addressed along with guidance to reduce asthma flare ups. Click here for a program brochure.
Who can participate?
This program is available to Milford residents who suffer from asthma and/or have a child who suffers from asthma.  In addition to Milford, residents of the following Asthma Region 6 towns or cities may also participate:
Milford, Branford, North Branford, East Haven, Bethany, Hamden, North Haven, Woodbridge, Orange, Meriden, New Haven, West Haven, and Wallingford.  
How much will it cost?


This program is provided at no cost to you and has been funded by the CT Department of Public Health.
What services does this program provide?
With your permission, an Asthma Educator and an Environmental Specialist will visit your home to assess the home for environmental triggers of asthma.  Specifically, the following services will be provided during the home visit:
  • The Asthma Educator will review your physician's asthma plan and medications with you.
  • The Asthma Educator will provide additional education to help you understand how to better manage your asthma.
  • The Environmental Specialist will walk through your home  with you to help identify causes of asthma.
  • The Environmental Specialist will show you how to minimize the asthma triggers in your home.
  • A confidential report will be developed as part of your child's medical record to help  control asthma.  This information may be shared with your health care provider, with your permission.  
How do I schedule a visit?
To schedule a visit, please contact the Putting on AIRS Program Coordinator, Betty Murphy, at 203-701-4522.
If you are a provider and would like to make a referral, click here to access the appropriate referral form. It can be emailed to [email protected] or fax to 203-783-3286.
For more information regarding Asthma, please review our FAQ sheet here or visit the following websites and/or contact the Milford Health Department at (203) 783-3285:

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