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Milford Animal Control - A Division of Milford Police Deptartment

Milford Animal Control is a Division of the Milford Police Department that services Milford and the Town of Orange. Milford Animal Control is responsible for enforcing State Laws and City Ordinances regarding animals.  We service the public by investigating animal bites, dog complaints, and humanely capturing stray/roaming dogs.  We also enforce leash laws, license laws and rabies vaccination laws on dogs and cats.

Milford has a leash law.  Town Ordinance 4-25 which requires all dogs to be leashed.  Milford city ordinance 9-9 (AKA Pooper Scooper law), also requires owners to clean up after their dogs.  No pets are allowed on Milford Beaches at any time of the year.

There are no laws regarding roaming or stray cats.  If you find a cat you think may be owned, we will take a listing of a found cat.  If you lost your cat we will take a lost cat listing, in case someone found your missing cat.  We do not take stray cats, an exception is a sick/injured cat that requires vet attention.  We will take the cat to a vet and the vet will make a determination on the most humane course of treatment.  If the cat is determined to be fine it will be released back where it was found.

Donations of Dog and Cat food are always appreciated, as are donations of blankets towels, dog and cat treats, dog toys and cat toys.  We also accept dog crates, pet carriers, and pet related products.

Donations can be dropped off at Animal Control during Office Hours. Donations by check may be made out to Milford Animal Control and mailed to:

Milford Animal Control  664 East Broadway  Milford, CT 06460

For injured wildlife or suspected rabid wildlife please contact your local police department.  They will come and evaluate the situation and if necessary dispatch the animal.  They will then contract the appropriate department for removal.  Please note only mammals (warm blooded) can carry rabies so birds, snakes, reptiles, amphibians, cannot carry rabies.

Milford Animal Control is not a licensed Wildlife remover.  For nuisance wildlife please check the yellow pages under pest control.

For wildlife questions such as orphaned wildlife, and wildlife nuisance tips, please check:

Wildlife Advisory Hotline   203-393-1050

To locate a wildlife rehabilitator near you contact:

Department of Environmental Protection 

(860) 424-3011 during weekday hours

(860) 424-3333 during evening and weekends

"For tips and advice on preventing conflicts with coyotes from the DEEP see Animal Control Web Links of Interest. Living with Coyotes"  

     As of July 1, 2016 the state lab will no longer be testing domestic animals exposed to wildlife.


     If your companion animal has been exposed to wildlife,  State protocols can result in a variety of necessary steps or quarantining of your animal.  These are outlined under the State of Connecticut, “Rabies Management of dogs, cats, and ferrets exposed to wildlife”.  All quarantines are at the owner’s expense.


     Should you wish the wildlife tested, the only availability to have it tested is the UConn lab at 61 North Eagleville Rd unit 3089 Storrs CT.  It will be your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements such as transport and payments to UConn, should you choose to have it tested.  If you choose not to have the wildlife tested we will treat the contact as a suspect rabid animal. 


We advise contacting your veterinarian to see about transporting the animal to the UConn Lab and cost of transport.  Should you choose to transport it yourself, take all necessary steps to avoid coming into contact with the animal.  We advise wearing gloves and using a shovel to bag the animal.


In order for the animal to be tested the brain must be intact.  Keep the animal chilled but not frozen so as to hamper decomposition.




Staff Contacts

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Scott Ellingson Animal Control Officer
Christopher Connors Assistant Animal Control Officer
Jane Pressler Office Clerk
Marc Ruby Kennel Keeper / Assistant Animal Control Officer