Veteran's Information

Thank you for your service!

Veterans Discharges

Under C.G.S. 12-81, Veterans of the Armed Services who served in time of war are eligible for an exemption on the assessment of their real estate or their motor vehicle.

For eligibility, a veteran must place a copy of his/her service record (usually a DD-214 form) on record in the City Clerk’s office.  It must be filed before October 1st of any given year.

The Assessor’s Office maintains a listing of  “Time of War” or conflict periods that qualify the veteran for the exemption.

Please note for a change of residence: 

  • A veteran's exemption will not automatically move to another Connecticut town or city.  It must be re-recorded by the veteran in the new town or city for eligibility there. 
  • If the veteran moves to another address in Milford, the veteran must notify the Milford City Assessor.