Below is a listing of the Boroughs/Associations within the City of Milford. The Boroughs/Associations collect taxes separate from the City of Milford. The City of Milford Tax Collector’s Office does not accept payment on their behalf and does not have information pertaining to their payments. The information provided below is a courtesy. This is the last known information our office has.

Bayview Improvement Association

PO Box 3653, Milford CT 06460

Elizabeth Schildgen 203-444-1063

Teresa Sirico   203-469-5330

Fax  203-876-8683

Laurel Beach Association

Bernard Bruder        203-874-7370

Morningside Association

Mark Ryba, Tax Collector 203-874-5501

Borough of Woodmont


Edward Bonessi

Senior Burgess

John Barrett

Tax Collector

Lynn Foss

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