When are bills due?

If a Real Estate/Sewer Use, Motor Vehicle or Personal Property tax bill is under $200.00 the entire amount is due July 1. If a bill is over $200.00, the first half of the bill is due July 1 and the second half is due January 1. There is NO second mailing for the January installment.

Sewer Assessment bills are due April 1, in full.

Supplemental Motor Vehicle bills are due January 1, in full.

Please, never ignore a bill. Taxes remain due and interest will continue to accumulate until the bill is paid.

Taxes due July 1 may be paid or legally USPS postmarked by August 1 and taxes due January 1 may be paid or legally USPS postmarked by February 1 to be considered on time. CGS 12-146 & CGS 1-2a

When the final day for payment of any tax of any installment thereof occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, payment may be made without interest or penally on the following business day. CGS 12-169