Can I Hire A Police Officer?

Milford Police Officers can be hired to work outside employment (private duty) for traffic control, security patrol, crowd control, and other assignments deemed appropriate and consistent with the policies and procedures of the Milford Police Department. All security patrols where alcohol is served require that a minimum of two (2) officers be hired.

Requests to Hire a Police Officer:  Contact the Scheduling Officer At (203) 783-4719 (office) or (203) 876-7943 (fax)

Provide The Date, Time And Location Of The Event You Wish To Hire For and A Daytime Contact Number.

The Rate of Pay Is As Follows

Regular Pay (12:00 a.m. Mon - 11:59 p.m. Sat) = $66.10 per Hour

Sunday Pay (12:00 a.m. Sun - 11:59 p.m. Sun) = $77.12 per Hour

Holiday Pay (12:00 a.m. On Date - 11:59 p.m. On Date) = $88.14 per Hour

The Minimum Pay for All Construction Jobs is 6 Hours

  • Construction Jobs between 6 p.m. And 6 a.m. Will Be Billed the Sunday Rate Of  ($77.12)

The Minimum Pay for All Other Jobs is $60.00

In Addition To The Above Pay Rates The Following Surcharge Rates Apply:

  • Board Of Education 6%
  • Miscellaneous Non-Construction 21%
  • All Construction Work 25%

Job Cancellations:

Contact the Scheduling Officer At (203) 783-4719. For after-hours cancellations call the HQ Sergeant at 203-783-4717 to cancel a job. No voicemail cancellations will be accepted.

There Is An "Appearance Fee" For Jobs Canceled Within 1 Hour Prior To The Start Of The Job Or Anytime Thereafter. The "Appearance Fee" Is Subject To the Surcharge

  • The Appearance Fee for All Construction Jobs Will Be 6 Hours Pay
  • The Appearance Fee for All Other Jobs (scheduled for < 4 Hours) Shall Be Paid The Greater Of The 2 Hours, Or The Actual Amount Worked
  • The Appearance Fee for All Other Jobs (scheduled for > 4 Hour), Shall Be Paid The Greater Of The 4 Hours, Or The Actual Amount Worked

Requests Hire A Police Officer With A Patrol Car:

In Addition to the Pay Rates Listed above the Rate to Hire a Patrol Car is an additional $25.00 Per Hour (Min. Rate $100 Per Car per Job)


Officers Cannot Accept Payment for Their Services.

Checks Are To Be Made Payable To: "The City Of Milford" And Must Include The Officers' Pay; The Surcharge Amount; and Any Charges for the Hire of Patrol Car(s).

Payments Are Due 30 Calendar Days after Event and Those Not Received Within 45 Days Will Be Charged a Late Fee Of 1.5% per Month

Delinquent Vendors Will Be Prohibited From Hiring Officers after 45 Days.