Department History

Pictures of the Police Department when it was located at 14 West River

Milford Police Officer in the "Bucket" At River Street and Broad Street

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On April 13, 1915, the Connecticut State General Assembly approved the creation of a Board of Police Commissioners and Police Department for the City of Milford, Connecticut.
This legislation authorized the Board of Police Commissioners to appoint a Superintendent of Police and the number of policemen the City may deem necessary. 

So began the formal organization of the Milford Police Department. Prior to this legislation, law enforcement duties were carried out by a cadre of part time Constables, who patrolled as watchmen and attended to general peace and tranquility. 

The City of Milford was established in 1639. Settlers from the New Haven Colony had migrated west from New Haven and settled on the Wepawaug River where it flows into Long Island Sound. The settlers built a mill and meeting house, lived in harmony with the Wepawaug Indians and farmed for a living.

The Police Department has grown from a Superintendent and six officers in 1915 to an agency with 131 full time personnel, consisting of civilian support staff and 116 sworn officers.

The Milford Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency providing services to a city of over 50,000 residents.

The Department has occupied the current facility at 430 Boston Post Road since July, 1979.

The Milford Police Department has had nine chiefs since 1915. (list)

The current Chief of Police is Chief Keith L. Mello (bio)

Pictures of the front desk inside the Police Department at 14 West River Street