Divisions & Units

  Office of The Chief Of Police

     Keith L. Mello - Chief of Police   
     Office: 203-783-4768
     Fax:    203-783-4769
     Chief's Administrative Assistant - Marcia Krusewski E-Mail

     Kenneth J. Rahn -  Deputy Chief         
     Office: 203-783-4801
     Fax:    203-783-4769

Patrol Division  (24 hr/day) (203) 878-6551

Administrative Division, Records & Licensing, and Traffic Division

 The Records Division will be open to the public:
    Monday 8am- 4:45pm
    Tuesday 1pm - 4:45pm
    Wednesday 1pm -4:45pm
    Thursday 1pm - 4:45pm
    Friday 8am - 4:45pm

Based on manpower hours may change. Records and licensing are closed on all holidays.  

Please call (203) 874-4615 to confirm records are available.                                  

Detective Division, Special Investigations Unit, Identification Bureau and Narcotics & Vice Squad

Other Units:

Crime Prevention Unit (203) 874-2366

Training Unit/Recruit Academy (203) 783-4747

Marine Patrol / Dive Team (203) 878-6551