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Local Author Collection

read localREAD LOCAL
Self-published works by local authors and musicians

The Milford Public Library welcomes the growing opportunities self-publishing technologies offer local writers and musicians for self expression. We support and showcase locally produced work in our new Read Local collection. Read Local Submission Form

The following collection guidelines apply:*

  • We accept physical books and music CDs only. 
  • Donated materials become the property of the Library and will not be returned to the donor.
  • Adult, young adult and children’s materials are acceptable.
  • The Library will only accept a single, donated copy; we will not purchase content for the Read Local collection.
  • Due to limited space, authors, illustrators, and musicians are encouraged to submit no more than three titles per year for consideration.
  • Inclusion of a title does not constitute endorsement of its content by the Library. Items in the Read Local collection have not been reviewed in accordance with the Library’s Material Selection policy; inclusion is determined by the author, illustrator, or musician’s connection to our local community and the additional criteria below.  
  • Works by local authors, illustrators and musicians that meet our Material Selection policies may be added to our general collection.
  • The Milford Public Library reserves the right to refuse or remove from the collection any item, at any time, for any reason.  Donors will not be notified.

Authors, illustrators, musicians wishing to contribute items to this collection must meet the following criteria:**

  • The author, illustrator or musician must have a connection to Milford, CT or its surrounding communities.
  • Books must be bound and of a quality to withstand at least 20 readings/circulations.
  • Music CDs must be of a professional caliber. Packaging must be standard size and include liner with CD title, band, and song information.
  • EACH donation must be accompanied by the Read Local Submission Form, available on our website, or at any library service desk.

* These guidelines are subject to change as we evaluate this new collection
**Items may be donated by someone other than the author/creator but all guidelines still apply.