Library Card Sign Up

Digital access cardMilford residents can  apply online for a temporary library card. Please complete the application form or contact us via phone, email or FB message to get started! We will need your name, current Milford address, email (required for digital access), phone number and date of birth. This card will allow you to access any of our online resources, including ebooks, e-audiobooks, and e-magazines! You may also use it to place reserves on library materials. Stop in during our open hours to upgrade it to a full service card!

How do I get a Library Card?
Eligibility for borrower registration is based on a person’s residency.  Any permanent resident of Milford is entitled to have a Milford Public Library borrower’s card and to borrow materials from the library, subject to the library’s regulations.A person who lives in another town in Connecticut is able to borrow materials from this library by using his or her hometown library card through the state’s Connecticard program for reciprocal borrowing. Likewise, a Milford resident is able to borrow materials from most other public libraries in Connecticut by presenting his or her valid Milford library card. The rules and regulations of the loaning library take precedence over the home library in the case of reciprocal borrowing.

A registration form must be filled out and identification must be presented showing proof of residency (a driver’s license or state ID with present address, or a photo ID plus one other form of ID that shows current address such as a utility bill, rent receipt, or other official document. This document must be dated within three months of library registration). Upon registration, patrons agree to comply with all library rules, promptly pay fines or charges, and give notice of change of name or address.

Registration period:
Milford Public Library cards are issued for a three-year period and are renewable unless the cardholder has unpaid charges or fines in excess of the amount stipulated in the current Milford Public Library Table of Loan Periods and Fines. 

Those residents in grades 5 and under must have their registration form signed by a parent/guardian before a card will be issued.  Both child and parent/guardian must be present and parent /guardian must show proof of residency.  Note: Parent/guardian for those patrons under the age of 18 are financially responsible for items on children’s cards.  Children in grades 5 and under with multiple residences may be issued more than one card, provided each parent/legal guardian signs off on the card that reflects their domicile. Those residents in grades 6-12 will be issued a library card upon showing proof of residency; a valid Milford public middle/high school photo identification card will suffice. Although parent/guardian signature is not required, parent/guardians are financially responsible for loss, damage or other fees.  The Library reserves the right to issue children a card with limited borrowing privileges in cases where   the family has a large balance of unpaid fines and fees.

Group / Organizational Borrowing:
A Milford group or organization may be given a  limited one-year card and borrow materials for the organization provided that the leadership of the organization agrees annually in writing to assume responsibility for any materials signed out by its staff or other authorized personnel.  Library card must be presented to borrow materials. This card will be good for use at the Milford Public Library only.

Temporary Cards:
A temporary 90-day card may be given to temporary residents – those who have no permanent residency except a local institution, halfway house or transient housing – or for other temporary residency situations. Proof of this residency and identification will be required.  A temporary 90-card is limited to a loan of five items at any time and is good only at the Milford Public Library.

Out-of-Town residents:
Non-residents are served through the State Library’s Connecticard reciprocal borrowing program. An out-of-town borrower must present a valid card for his or her local library, must be registered here as an out-of-town borrower, and is subject to the same rules and regulations as are Milford borrowers. Expiration date for out-of-town cards is determined by the home library. Out-of-town residents should use their home library for inter-library loan functions.

Homebound Patrons:
The Milford Public Library does not have a homebound delivery service. Residents with mobility issues should contact the Library Circulation Department to determine best arrangements for issuance of a library card.   

Teacher Cards:
Teacher cards are for teachers at schools located in Milford, who want to borrow public library materials and use library databases for classroom purposes only. Cards are not intended for personal use, for use at other CT libraries, nor to download eBooks or audio books. Cards expire at the end of the school year, and may be renewed if there are no unresolved lost or damaged items. A new application is required each school year.                                                                                              

Cards are for borrowing library materials and using databases for classroom purposes only. Milford Library will make reasonable accommodations for due dates and fines in keeping with library policy. The library has the right to revoke card privileges, or not issue a card, in the case of failure to return materials.

Lost Cards:
There is a charge for the replacement of lost cards.  Please refer to the current Milford Public Library Table of Loan Periods and Fines. 

Library Cards:
Patrons must be registered in the Milford Public Library database to check out materials. Patrons must present their library card. Failing that, they may present either a current driver’s license or other current government-issued photo identification card if they are already registered in the Milford database.

Parents or guardians of a child may borrow materials using their child’s card only if they present the card at the time they check out materials. If you use an app to store your rewards cards, you can also use that to create a scannable barcode for your library card number. Out of town cards, not already registered in our system, will need to show their physical card along with other registration documents. Photos of the barcode portion of your library card may not be readable / accepted. Patrons may use mobile devices to create scannable barcodes for their library card.

Milford Public Library Circulation Policy
Adopted 06/06/12, Rev. 09/04/19