Renter's Rebate Program

Renter’s Rebate is a state funded program of reimbursement for elderly or totally disabled Connecticut renters. This program is designed to supplement rent and utility payments by reimbursing a portion of their limited income. Elderly or disabled individuals who rent apartments or houses, rent rooms, live in cooperative housing, or rent a mobile home may be eligible for this program. The amount awarded to the renter is calculated on the previous year’s rent and utility payments. The Department of Human Services serves as an official intake site for the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management. The Renter’s Rebate program runs annually from May 22rd through October1st. To inquire about eligibility or to schedule an appointment, please contact The Department of Human Services at 203-783-3253.
For the 2017 Renter's Rebate Program applications will need to provide the following documents in order to submit and process your Renter’s Rebate application.
  • SSA 1099 – Social Security Benefit for 2016
  • Verification of all rent paid in 2016 (from January to December)
  • This may be cancelled checks, rent receipts, or a letter from the landlord stating amount of rent paid for the year
  • Verification of all utilities paid in 2016 (from January to December) to include heat, water, oil, and utilities
  • This may be a payment history from the utility companies or all utility bills from 2016. (This can include any Energy Assistance payments).
  • Income tax documents for 2016 (if filed)
  • 1099-R of pension benefits for 2016
Disabled individuals under 65 must also provide:
  • SSI/SSDI benefit statement for 2016
  • Current proof of disability
Individuals in nursing homes must also provide:
  • Letter from health care facility, signed by an administrator that indicates dates spouse was in facility and date resident went on Title XIX
  • Title XIX verification 
  • If renting from a realative, the realative/landlord must provide their 1040 and Schedule E from tax return.