Boards & Commissions

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Board Schedule Time Meeting Location
Animal Shelter Commission 2nd Wednesday Noon Canine Center, 664 East Broadway
Board of Aldermen 1st Monday 7:30pm City Hall Auditorium
Board of Assessment Review On Demand    
Board of Education 2nd and 4th Mondays 7:00pm BOE Meeting Room, Parsons
Board of Finance Last Monday 5:30pm Conference Room B, Parsons
Board of Health 3rd Tuesday
Health Department Office
Building Code Board of Appeals On Demand    
Civil Service Commission 3rd Monday 5:00pm Conference Room C, Parsons
Conservation Commission 3rd Tuesday 6:00pm Conference Room A, Parsons
Council on Aging 2nd Monday 5:30pm Senior Center
CT Office of Tourism-South Central Regional District      
Economic Development Commission 4th Wednesday 12:00pm Conference Room B, Parsons
Ethics Commission 3rd Tuesday 6:15pm (As Needed) City Hall Auditorium
Fire Commission 3rd Tuesday 7:00pm Fire Headquarters
Flood & Erosion Control Board 2nd Tuesday 7:00pm Conference Room A, Parsons
Golf Course Commission 2nd Wednesday 5:30pm Orchards Golf Course Clubhouse
Harbor Management Commission 3rd Thursday 7:00pm Milford Lisman Landing
Historic District Commission 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm Conference Room B, Parsons
Housing Code Board of Appeals On Demand    
Inland Wetlands Agency 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 7:30pm Conference Room A, Parsons
Library Board 1st Wednesday 7:00pm Library Program Room
Milford Department of Human Services 3rd Tuesday 5:30pm 2nd Floor Conference Room, 150 Gulf Street
Milford Government Access Television Committee 4th Tuesday 7:30pm Employee Lounge, Parsons Complex
Milford Historic District No. 2 South of the Green 2nd Wednesday 6:30 BOE Learning Center, Parsons
Milford's Historic Preservation Commission 2nd Monday 7:00pm Conference Room A, Parsons
Milford Redevelopment & Housing Partnership (MRHP) Varies 6:00pm Varies
Park, Beach, and Recreation Commission 1st Wednesday 5:30pm Conference Room C, Parsons
Pension and Retirement Board 3rd Thursday 6:00pm Conference Room A, Parsons
Planning and Zoning Board 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 7:30pm City Hall Auditorium
Police Commission 2nd Monday 7:00pm Police Headquarters
Sewer Commission 4th Wednesday
Conference Room A, Parsons
Transit District On Demand, Last Friday 6:00pm Milford Transit District, 259 Research Dr
Tree Commission 2nd Monday 7:00pm Conference Room A, Parsons
Veterans Graves Preservation Commission On Demand    
Veterans, Ceremony & Parade Commission 2nd Monday 7:00pm Fowler Memorial Building
Zoning Board of Appeals 2nd Tuesday 7:00pm City Hall Auditorium