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As of August 24th, 2018, Milford has officially submitted its application to Sustainable Connecticut! 

Milford will be gaining credit for many efforts around town. News around town has certainly connected to this work. Click here to learn more about bike lockers, the ribbon cutting at Founders’ Walk, and coastal cleanup!

Sustainable CT is a voluntary certification program to recognize thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities. An independently funded, grassroots, municipal effort, Sustainable CT provides a wide-ranging menu of best practices. Municipalities choose Sustainable CT actions, implement them, and earn points toward certification.

Milford aligns with many of Sustainable CT’s standards, as the city has strived to be thriving, resilient, collaborative, and forward-looking. Milford builds community, local economy; promotes the health and well-being of current and future residents, and respects the finite capacity of the natural environment.

The City of Milford fully committed when Board of Aldermen passed a resolution to join Sustainable CT earlier this year, and Sustainable Milford was born! A general plan was submitted May 1st, and the full application will be submitted Aug. 24. The conversation surrounding the city's involvement is just beginning

There are nine categories within the application: inclusive and equitable community impacts, well-stewarded land and natural resources, efficient physical infrastructure and operations, vibrant and creative cultural ecosystems, dynamic and resilient planning, clean and diverse transportation systems and choices, strategic and inclusive public services, thriving local economies, and healthy, efficient, and diverse housing.

Milford is well on its way to receiving Bronze level certification for the 2018 application cycle. Across town, we have committed to many actions that fall under the Sustainable umbrella. The unique aspect of the application is that it requires dialogue and and collaboration among many different groups within the city. Throughout this website, we have provided for you some key concepts and projects happening in the city that are examples of typical as well as atypical forms of sustainability! 

Think you might have some documentation to contribute? Please contact Claire Kramer ([email protected]) the Sustainable Milford intern with questions, documents, and any assistance you may need.


Sustainable Milford Reaches Far and Wide


Student Art and Nature Workshop 
Sustainable Milford Meeting
Founders Walk Downtown Milford
C-Pace Education
Rainwater Garden
Milford Artifacts
Milford Contraflow Bike Lane 
Open Space Talks with Steve Johnson
Milford Preservation Trust Protects Milford's Historic Resources
Milford Girl Scouts Engage in Watershed Education 
Milford's Board of Education Honored At ENERGY STAR® Achievement Ceremony
Poet Laureate of the City of Milford

Milford Arts Council Renovated Firehouse Gallery


Upcoming Events and How to Get Involved

Stay in the loop: check the Sustainable CT website to understand what the different actions require and submit documents if you think your program or project qualifies. 

Partake in the conversation: attend public meetings and engage with material that contributes to Sustainability. Energy Advisory Board, Conservation Commission, Tree Commission, and more

Use our Electric Vehicle charging stations!

Familiarize yourself with the Wepawaug River Initiatives, including the dreding of the ponds downtown. This has helped reduce sediment buildup in our ponds, which eventually carry silt to the harbor.

Many past and future programs at the Milford Public Library align with and support Sustainability.

Attend community development workshops to be a part of the placemaking conversation.

Take a look at some initiatives you might walk by every day! The Parsons Rain Garden is a great example of a low impact development project. This garden slows and dissipates the water run off after a storm, reducing potential for erosion and keeping sediment and pollutants from reaching nearby waterways and eventually the Long Island Sound. Check out attachments of brochures below!

Interested in learning more about our Community Gardens? Look into our Recreation department here. Individuals interested in volunteering at the Benson-Crump program and Eisenhower Park Community Gardens can contact Linda Ball.


  • Saturdays. The Downtown Milford farmer's market runs on Saturdays from June 2 through October 13 and features a variety of fresh, local produce, baked goods, honey, flowers, eggs, as well as live music and events for kids and adults alike. The market is located at 58 River Street in downtown Milford, directly adjacent to the Metro North train stop.


  • Milford's Benson-Crump Memorial Community Garden celebrates 50 years
  • 7/31/18: Mr. Steve to give a performance that encourages the Arts and youth programs, key aspects of Sustainable CT. 
  • 8/6/18. Claire Kramer to give an update and presentation to the Board of Aldermen on August 6, 2018, 7:30pm at City Hall. 
    • See the meeting minutes here



Electric Vehicle Information Session.
Experienced electric vehicle owners will discuss why they like their electric vehicles and how they use them on their daily commutes and longer distance drives, as well as how they charge the cars’ batteries. Learn about the differences between electric vehicles and conventional gas-powered cars (including why electric vehicles are much less expensive to operate and maintain), the widespread locations and different types of charging stations, the range of electric vehicle models available now, and the benefits of electric vehicles for the environment and for public health. Attendees will also learn about financial incentives from the Connecticut Green Bank for purchasing and leasing electric vehicles. Cars will be on display. Presented by Milford's Energy Advisory Board. This program has been postponed to the fall (new date TBD) due to many local events and extremely limited parking on the proposed date. More details to follow.