Milford Day at the Zoo

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Milford Day at the Zoo


Milford, CT, June 15, 2017-  Mayor Ben Blake is pleased to announce “Milford Day at the Zoo”.  On Saturday, June 24, 2017, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo will host all residents of Milford from 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission for Milford residents is only $5.00 per person with ID.  Spend the day at the zoo seeing all the new faces, riding the carousel and enjoying the entertainment.  Meet and greet local officials as well as business and civic leaders, your friends, and your neighbors. 


In celebration of this upcoming event, Zoo Director Gregg Dancho, will visit Mayor Blake at Milford City Hall, Friday, June 21 at 10:30AM with a surprise animal.  Come by and see what it is!


In addition, non-profit organizations, businesses, and the like are invited to set up a booth at Beardsley Zoo and spread the word about the good works they are doing.  Interested organizations should contact Julie Nash at 203-783-3230 or

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