Rent-A-Kid Program

The Rent-A-Kid Program is a program for youth between the ages of 12-17 years old who are interested in temporary, part-time jobs such as yard work, raking, gardening, snow shoveling, technology mentoring, childcare, and other needs.  The program will assist young people in acquiring valuable work experience, a sense of responsibility and self confidence.  Interested youth should keep an eye on our website along with local papers and MGAT to see when seasonal sign-ups will occur.  During these sign-ups, children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who can sign permission slips.  For additional information, please contact Lesley Darling at 203-783-3253.  
Interested Milford residents who are looking for youth may contact Lesley Darling at 203-783-3253.  The Milford Youth and Family Services staff will have an available youth get in contact with them.