Group Therapy Programs

Milford Youth and Family Services was created to provide family development programs, as well as Family Therapy for Milford residents.  Milford Youth and Family Services will be conducting several groups designed to aid in developing and maintaining healthy relationships.  The majority of these programs are run in conjunction with the Milford Board of Education as after school groups in local schools.  Dates and times may vary, please call 203-783-3253.  Fees are minimal and can be waived if needed.  Milford residents only.
Children of Separated Parents Group
The Children of Separated Parents group focuses on creating supportive peer relationships enabling members to discuss their feelings about separation/divorce and change, as well as create strategies for managing the struggles that go along with this transition.  The children are offered a variety of activities to encourage and support self expression, including playing games, participating in arts and crafts, and role-playing.  The goal for this group is to teach new social skills, improve communication, and normalize the experience of separation/divorce.  This group is currently being offered in various Milford Elementary Schools.
Social Skills Group
The social skills group is a program that addresses social skills for children 7-10 years of age.  Children in this group will practice greeting others appropriately, communicating effectively, coping with provocation from other children, resolving conflicts, and good group entry skills and good sportsmanship.  Emphasis will be placed on helping children identify their feelings as they progress through each group experience, using various mediums such as play doh, drawing, writing, and role-playing.  This support group is currently being offered to Milford Elementary Schools.
Anger Management Group
The Anger Management group is a program that is currently being offered to children in Milford Elementary Schools.  Children in this group will be encouraged to identify their angry feelings and then to express them in various productive forms using clay or play doh, drawing, puppets, writing, and/or music.  Additional topics to be covered will include identifying the feelings behind anger and appropriate expression of anger.
Play Therapy Group
The play therapy group is a fun-filled interactive program for parents and their young children.  The sessions will utilize a variety of play activities that strengthen the parent/child bond, create structure in the family, and improve family communication.  The intention of this program is to create a nurturing environment in which parents and children engage in satisfying and appropriate experiences that can be replicated in their everyday interactions.
Single Parents Group
The Single Parents Group is aimed at aiding single parents to cope with the pressures of raising children on their own.  Through group discussion and individual activities, participants will explore such critical issues as family structure, boundaries, and support systems, in addition to developing a network of other single parents facing similar issues.
Mothers & Daughters Group
The Mothers and Daughters group will explore issues relevant for girls in the “tween” years, including self esteem, in order to prepare them for becoming women.  Discussion and group activities will aid participants in exploring what being a woman in America means, as well as the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters.
Engaged and Recently Married Couples
Milford Youth and Family Services will be conducting a support group designed for engaged and recently married couples.  Sessions will focus on helping couples define their commitments by exploring issues such as childhood relationships, family obligations, and current communication patterns.  Discussion and couples activities will increase awareness and strengthen the marital bond.