Voting Locations and Who Are My Representatives?

Please check this Voter Registration Lookup to find out which district you live in. Be sure to check for which election cycle it is (even year or odd year), as your voting location may change.

Polling Places

(click on the polling place name for Google Maps**
to get directions to your polling place)

Orange Avenue School260 Orange Avenue
J.F.Kennedy School404 West Avenue
Meadowside School80 Seemans Lane
West Shore Rec. Cen.14 Benham Avenue
Margaret Egan Ctr35 Mathews St
Joseph Foran H.S.80 Foran Road
Harborside Mid.Sch.175 High Street
Central Counting/ ABS & EDR70 West River Street


Legislative (Even Years)

Do you want to know who your state representative or state senator is?



Milford House districts

Both local and legislative district lines marked


District 117, including the part in Milford as well as the rest of the district

District 118

District 119, including the part in Milford as well as the rest of the district


Municipal (Odd Years)

In odd years, we vote for Mayor, City Clerk, Board of Alderman, Board of Education, Planning & Zoning and Constables.

On the ballot city wide: Mayor, City Clerk and Constables.

On the ballot by Municipal District: Board of Alderman, Board of Education and Planning & Zoning.

What municipal district do you live in?

You can check this Voter Registration Lookup or review the Google Maps below.*

*Some streets are split. The above is for reference only. When you registered to vote, you received a confirmation letter by mail indicating your district and polling location. Due to redistricting every ten years, this may change. Feel free to check with our office if you have questions.

**Please note the Privacy Policy from Google.