Registrars of Voters


The office of the Registrars of Voters, in the State of Connecticut, is an elected position, governed by the Connecticut General Statutes.  In addition to regular office hours, after hours include evenings at the time of mandatory sessions required by state law and some weekend hours closer to primaries and elections.

As department heads in their respective towns, Registrars develop various methods and procedures to ensure the voting rights of citizens and administer all elections: national, state, municipal, and primaries.  Registrars are responsible for voter education and organizing the annual canvass of electors.  Registrars maintain and update files, prepare department budgets, and train election officials.  Registrars also ensure the proper maintenance of all the voting machines.

In addition, upon approval by legislative bodies, State and Local, the Registrars make the required adjustments according to the newly developed legislative or City district lines.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Debra Fellenbaum Registrar of Voters (R)
Kerri Tiernan Rowland Registrar of Voters (D)
Laura Fucci Deputy ROV (D)
Joyce Marlow Deputy ROV (R)