Before you cut that tree...

Before you cut that tree...Find out who owns it!

Homeowners sometimes assume they own all the land between their house and the road.  They are not aware that the City's right-of-way between the roadway and property line varies. Connecticut state law, chapter 451, sec. 23-65 demands that "any person, firm or corporation, other than a tree warden who removes, prunes, injures or defaces any shrub or ornamental or shade tree, within the limits of a public way or grounds, without the legal right or written permission of the town tree warden, shall be fined not more than the appraised value of the shrub or tree and shall be liable civilly for damages."

To locate the line where your land ends and the City's property starts, call the Tree Warden, Steve Johnson, or Deputy Tree Warden, Tom Hunt, at Public Works.  They will help determine if a tree is in the public right-of-way or a private tree.  Call 783-3265.