K-9 Unit

Officer Daniel S. Wasson And His K-9 Partner General

Unit Purpose

The Milford Police Department K-9 unit functions to support police field operations.
Their superior senses of smell, hearing and physical capabilities make trained Law Enforcement Canines a valuable supplement to police manpower.
The presence of a K-9 team at a critical incident enhances officer safety and can by their mere presence alone, diffuse a potentially violent situation.

Unit Mission

The Mission of the Milford Police Department K-9 Unit is to provide the City of Milford with the most professional and highly trained team that is mentally & physically capable of providing the services requested.
These K-9 teams will deploy in the most efficient manner for the purpose of tracking/locating missing persons or criminal suspects in open areas or enclosed areas such as buildings, patrolling high crime areas, controlling crowds or unruly persons, searching crime scenes for evidence and locating narcotics in building searches, conducting motor vehicle searches or body searches and providing public relations by offering demonstrations and lectures.
All of the above services are also offered to surrounding towns and cities

Unit Members

  • Commanding Officer: Deputy Chief Kenneth Rahn
  • Unit Coordinator: Lieutenant Brian Rojee
  • Handler: Detective Dennis Broderick
    • K-9 Cedar
    • Cedar is a Labrador Retriever who is trained in narcotics detection
  • Handler: Officer Sean Degnan
    • K-9 Diesel
    • Diesel is a German Shepherd who is trained in patrol duties
  • Handler: Officer Sean Owens
    • K-9 Zar
    • Zar is a German Shepherd who is trained in patrol duties
  • Handler: Officer Stephen Napoletano
    • K-9 Mack
    • Mack is a German Shepherd who is trained in patrol duties

Unit Equipment

K-9 handlers use a specially configured patrol car with interior modifications and K-9 identifications.
Collars, patrol leads, tracking harnesses, grooming equipment and training aids are also used.

Demonstration Request

The Milford Police Department will make every effort to provide K-9 team demonstrations for your school, organization or event depending on the availability of one of our K-9 teams. These K-9 Demos are designed to portray the work preformed and the skill involved in the daily duties of the K-9 Team. In addition these demonstrations give children and adults an opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions about the K-9 Unit.The one on one interaction encourages children to build trust towards officers and learn drug awareness. basic obedience, agility, article search, simulated criminal apprehension and mock narcotic searches are conducted.
The value of these exhibitions has proven immeasurable for everyone. Demonstrations have been provided in schools, incorporated in meetings with professional organizations and law enforcement entities, written about in newspapers and shown on television. Occasionally we will have a photographer taking pictures of the children with the K-9's and they may be posted on our web site. Also if a teacher or parent has taken a nice photo it may be submitted to us for consideration.
These K-9 Teams are remarkable and provide extraordinary value to the lives of thousands. Milford Police K-9 Teams preform several demonstrations a year throughout the community. The Program continues to promote an atmosphere of community awareness and positive relations through these K-9 demonstrations.
If you would like to arrange a K-9 demonstration or have any questions please contact the Chief's Office at (203) 783-4768 or email

Conduct Around And Approaching Police K-9

Even though police K-9's are generally friendly it should be remembered that they are working dogs trained to protect their handlers and their vehicles as well as apprehend criminals. Therefore when interacting with these animals you should follow these general rules of conduct.
  1. Do not tease, provoke, intimidate or agitate a police K-9.   
  2. Do not approach the K-9 without the consent of its handler and only approach the K-9 when the handler is present.
  3. Do not feed the K-9 unless in the presence of the handler or without the express permission of the handler.
  4. Do not pet the K-9 unless in the presence of the handler or without the express permission of the handler.
  5. Do not hug or lean down closely to the head of the K-9.
  6. Refrain from making any threatening gestures, motions, or physical contact toward the handler while in the presence of the K-9.
  7. Do not give commands to the K-9
  8. Do not approach a K-9 vehicle where the handler is outside of the vehicle and the K-9 is inside on "WATCH".