Detective Division

Members of the Detective Division are responsible for investigating crimes that for the most part, have already occurred. While a patrol officer may have initiated an investigation, investigators in the Detective Division have more time to fully investigate serious crimes. The Detective Division also contains units or groups whose members have received specialized training and experience in various areas.
Some of these specialized areas are:
  • Narcotics/vice e-mail
  • Identification (forensic examination of crime scenes and the collection of evidence) e-mail
  • Special Investigations Unit (crimes involving juveniles as either victims or perpetrators) e-mail
  • Computer Crime Unit (forensic examination of computers, investigations of computer crimes and internet predators)      

Division Personnel

Commanding Officer

Division Supervisor
General Investigations
Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
Tactical Unit
Computer Crime Unit
Identification Bureau
Ms. Judy Werner - Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Barbara Jason - SIU Administrative Assistant
Detective Bureau  (203) 877-1465  
Special Investigations Unit   (203) 878-6303
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