How Do I Make A Bad Check Complaint?

DefinitionA Bad Check is defined as a check that has been issued and then returned from a financial institution for “Non-Sufficient Funds” or “Account Closed”.

The following must apply to each returned check before a criminal complaint is made:

  • Checks must have been personally received in Milford.(Checks received via the mail will not be prosecuted.)

  • Checks must EXCEED $100.00.(Multiple checks issued by the same person that total over $100.00 will be prosecuted.)

  • Proper identification must have been taken at the time the check(s) were issued or you personally know the issuer.(Proper I.D. is driver’s license/ID card.)

  • Check must have been presented to your financial institution within 30 days of issue.

  • You must not have taken any partial payment or taken the check(s) postdated or you could not have agreed to hold the check(s) for deposit.

  • RENT CHECKS – If you (the landlord) hold a security deposit, the check cannot be prosecuted.

  • The complaint must be made to the Milford Police Department within 90 days of the check being issued.

If all of the above conditions are met, click here for additional information.