Post Storm Construction & Repair

The process of rebuilding can be complicated and requires coordinating among many different parties. At the Department of Permitting and Land Use our goal is to help you navigate this process so that you can rebuild in a way that is safe and can help protect you in the future.
For Storm Sandy repairs, the Board of Aldermen have waived city permit fees up to the extent of damage that your home received. (Certain state fees remain in place as they cannot be waived.) In order to receive the fee waiver, the home owner must complete this form and it must be submitted with the permit application.
Any repairs to your property (aside from removing wet drywall and wet finishes) require a building permit. This is for your own protection and to preserve the right of Milford residents to obtain flood insurance.  In addition, the Department of Consumer Protection requires the following:
  • The contractor must have a valid license from the DCP for the work being conducted. Both the consumer and contractor must sign and date a contract, and the consumer must be given a copy for safekeeping.
  • Home improvement contracts must include a three-day Notice of Cancellation that allows the consumer 72 hours to change his or her mind. It must also include clear instructions on how a consumer is to cancel that contract—a valid phone number, fax number, and/or mailing address must be provided.
If your home was damaged by flood, before any work can be approved, we must inspect the premises and determine if the structure was substantially damaged. Structures in a flood zone that are substantially damaged and/or substantially improved must be rebuilt to meet today's flood code.
Please review our documentation regarding the “50% rule" here.
Call Building Inspection at 203-783-3234 and ask to schedule a “Substantial Damage Inspection”:
  • For structures not substantially damaged, the work property can be repaired with the proper permits. Please contact Planning and Zoning at 203-783-3245 and Building Inspection at 203-783-3234 for more information.
  • For structures that WERE substantially damaged (more than 50 %), or if Irene + Sandy equals more than 50%, your structure will need to be brought into compliance with today's flood codes. This involves, among other things, elevating the structure so that all living spaces are above base flood elevation. Please contact Planning and Zoning at 203-783-3245 for more information.
If your electrical system was exposed to water, or if your meter was "booted" (disconnected from the grid) because of concerns about water exposure, you must have a licensed electrician examine the system and repair any items exposed to water before the power can be restored. For "booted" meters, even if the electrician finds that no work needs to be done, the electrician must obtain an electrical permit from the Building Inspection office and that work must be inspected. This is for your own safetly. Experience in Milford and elsewhere has demonstrated the high risk of fire for electrical systems that became wet (especially with salt water) and then re-energized.
Milford’s permitting department offices at 70 West River Street are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with permits being issued from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Extensive information is available online on the department’s website.