4 Questions

A Community Sharing Project
4Questions is a community sharing  project that helps you discover more about your friends and neighbors!

Every few months we will have new questions posted - simply send us your answers and enjoy reading the responses of your friends and neighbors! Share your memories, thoughts and opinions and  see how they compare to others!  How easy!

Answers will be displayed in the library and on our facebook page.  No names will be used without prior consent.

Question 1: When I ________, I know spring is here!
Question 2: What does your perfect spring day look like?
Question 3: What do you most look forward to eating at a Memorial Day picnic?
Question 4: What is your favorite poem or poet?
WINTER 2017-18
Question 1: What do you like to do when it's snowing?

~Read something interesting and listen to some of my favorite performing artists.
~I like to alternate between reading a good book and quilting

Question 2: What is your favorite wintertime comfort food?
~I like to make pasta fagoli when it’s snowy and have it with fresh bread

~Hot apple cider and cookies.

Question 3: What is your most loved winter tradition?
~Sitting in my chair with my dog on my lap reading and listening to music

~Watching (on tv) the ball dropping at Times Square to usher in a new year.

Question 4: If you were snowed in for the weekend, what book would you want to have with you?
~A new best seller would be ideal

~"Invisible Man,"  (Ralph Ellison) plus my handy bible.  

FALL 2017
Question 1: How do you celebrate fall in CT?
~Go for long walks~
~I celebrate fall in CT by enjoying the trees and their leaves turning colors. Windy days in the fll when the leaves drift down is wonderful. I like to walk outdoors, so I also celebrate fall by enjoying the cooler temperatures outside and the air having that crisp quality.
~I celebrate fall by hiking in woods/ enjoying foliage.

Question 2: What's your first school memory?
~The smell of new pencils
~An early school memory is of my first grade teacher reading books aloud to the class. The classroom had large windows on two sides. It was very nice to hear stories and at the same time, see the view outside.
~My first school memory is being very disappointed that the “laboratory” was a restroom, not a science lab, as I had thought.

Question 3: What are you thankful for?
~Family and friends
~I am thankful for many things, among them, the natural and human-made beauty of Milford. I'm thankful for  our tree-covered green in the center of town, the waterfall of the lower duck pond by City Hall, our many miles of Long Island Sound coastline, the tower across from the Milford Public Library and our beautiful harbor. 
~Thankful to be alive and well in one of nicest areas of the world.

Question 4: What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
~Flight of the Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown. Definitely recommned it!
~The last book I read was a young adult fiction book by Jessica Day George called "Princess of the Midnight Ball."  It's a re-imagining of the fairy tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses."  I also read two other good books in this series about the dancing princesses.  I enjoy the author's writing style and liked the book very much.  I definitely recommend it.
~Last book I read was was “Sleeping Beauties”, by Stephen& Owen King. Wouldn’t recommend it.


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