Milford Library Announces Extinct Animal Series via Zoom

Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Milford Library Announces Extinct Animal Series via Zoom

Milford Library presents Gerri Griswold, from the White Memorial Conservation Center, in a series of presentations covering notable extinct animals.  

On November 3 at 7pm, Griswold will be discussing the dodo, a flightless bird whose home was the island of Mauritania. The extinction of the dodo within less than a century of its discovery called attention to the previously unrecognized problem of human involvement in the disappearance of entire species.

December 1 brings a discussion of the Great Auk, a large flightless bird of the North Atlantic.  A food source and highly praised for its down, it became extinct in the 19th century.

On January 12 @ 7pm, the passenger pigeon will be the topic.  Endemic mostly to the East Coast of North America, it was once the most abundant bird in North America.  Hunting and deforestation led to its extinction around the turn of the 20th century.

February 2 brings a presentation on the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger.  A predatory marsupial, it probably originated in Australia, but by the time Europeans discovered the species, it was mostly found on the island of Tasmania. Intensive hunting encouraged by bounties is generally blamed for its extinction, but other contributing factors may have been disease, the introduction of dogs, and human encroachment into its habitat.

All are welcome to this fascinating series.