Milford Taxes Reduced for a Historic Fifth Consecutive Year

For the fifth consecutive year, Milford taxpayers will see a decrease in the amount of local taxes due.   On Wednesday night, the Board of Aldermen adopted the Mayor’s budget reducing taxes for fiscal year 2020-2021.  Milford’s mill rate, already lower than our neighboring communities, will be reduced even further to 27.68 mills - cutting taxes for all residents and business.

According to Mayor Ben Blake, “we have many residents in our community and across the world who are experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the City of Milford is rising to the occasion and offering relief.”  

Each year, the City of Milford develops a budget which protects our community’s core values by ensuring our public safety departments operate at optimal levels, our public infrastructure is properly maintained, our social safety network is robust, and our schools are exceptional.   At the same time, each department is challenged to hold the line on spending and streamline the approach by which services are delivered – guaranteeing that Milford City Government will be more efficient and productive than ever before.   

Milford continues to be the envy of Connecticut, with a tax rate that is fair with excellent services; pristine parks, beaches, and open spaces that enhance quality of life for all;  and, a progressive optimism that turns potential problems into possibilities while pushing all to work for a better, stronger, more innovative community.  As the City continues along this trajectory, the traditions, heritage, history, and attributes that make Milford the envy of the world remain solid.