Daisy Flower Gardens

Daisy Gardens

(Photo) 1st Row L-R; Evangeline West, Isabelle Phelan, Erynn  Willey, Christina Ann Barbara, Parker Spielman, Paige Pikul, Abigail Guzas. 2nd Row L-R; Cheryl Cappiali, Lina Barbara, Jim Barbara, Mayor Blake, Donna Willey


Milford’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop 30347 has completed two native wildflower perennial plant projects at the Parsons Government Center and City Hall gardens.   These gardens add beauty to our public spaces and help to support our pollinators.

These “Daisy Flower Gardens” are the third Journey community service project that these young Girl Scouts have completed in Milford. 

Previous Journey projects include “Three Cheers for Animals” at the Milford Animal Shelter, and “Waterfowl Education” helping to educate people why it is not healthy to feed our geese and ducks.



For a Journey Project, Girl Scouts team up with friends to identify a problem that they want to do something about and come up with a creative solution. Working with their troop leaders, they help to create a plan and put that plan into action.  These Journey awards show others how Girl Scouts make a sustainable and impressionable impact on the world around them.


Milford is grateful for their latest project, their hard work, and $500 donation to help Milford.  Additional support was provided by Milford’s Cheryl Cappiali and Milford Earth Day provided matching funding.


For further information, please contact: Open Space and Natural Resource Agent, Steve Johnson, at (203) 878-7812 or stevenjohnson@ci.milford.ct.us