Permitting Public Notices


The following notices are provided for applications to the following boards and commissions for the following addresses:

Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing for July 14, 2020

40 Lawrence Avenue MBP 28/578/20, R-5, Kevin Curseaden, Esq., for Kevin Tilton, owner; Appeal the Decision of the Zoning Enforcement Office, Sec 9.2.1 regarding Notice of Violation dated June 12, 2020, re: concrete in front yard, and determination of violation of Sec. 4.1.5 of the MZR.

17 Maddox Avenue and 20 Scott Street MBP 27/451/11, R-5, Kevin Curseaden, Esq., for Ish Anand, owner; Vary 3.1.4 side-yard setback on the northwesterly property line to 7.5' where 10' required.

1 Paris Street MBP 49/716/6, R-5, Stephen & Carla van der Merwe, owners; Vary Sec 4.1.4 setback of 5'3" where 8' is permitted for spiral staircase.

75 Hillside Avenue MBP 49/724/6, R-5. Milos Novotny for Samuel & Louise Blaney, owners; Vary Sec. setback of 3.5' where 4' is req. for 3 concrete planters.

174 Wolf Harbor Road MBP 113/908/2, R-A, John Barrera, owner; Vary Sec. setback to 7' where 15' is req to install pool.

185 Kings Highway MBP 59/795/6, R-7.5, Patti & Alan Masarek, owners; Vary side-yard setback to 3.6' where 5' req.

35 Fenway North MBP 43/433/7, R-7.5. Jeff Hatfield, owner; Vary 4.1.4 side-yard setback to 13.6' where 21' req. to construct rear deck.

Special Meeting:  Planning and Zoning Public Hearing for July 20, 2020

Proposed Regulation Change #20-5 Petition by Kevin Curseaden, Esq., for changes to Article 5, Sections 5.2.1, 5.2.5, 5.3.6 and 11.2 to allow for Electronic Digital Billboard Signs.

30 Bridgeport Avenue: (Zone CDD2) Petition by Danielle Costa for Special Permit with Site Plan Review for deck renovation/rebuild within 25’ of the Mean High Water line on Map 18, Block 363, Parcel 3A of which Edward and Sharon Chickos are the owners.

132 Shelland Street: (Zone HDD/LI) Petition by Jeff Gordon for Special Permit with Site Plan Review for proposed manufacturing facility on Map 62, Block 936, Parcels 9-13, 15 and 16H of which D’Amato Brothers Builders LLC and Jordan Realty LLC are the owners.

Building Office Demolition Permit Applications Received

1005 East Broadway – 6/25/20 – Owners, Andrew and Maria Arnold (posted 6/26/20)