Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Outreach Meeting - January 12

The City of Milford is updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan with the South-Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG).  The public is invited to learn about the regions’ Hazard Mitigation Plan and to voice their opinions about how each municipality should mitigate risk. The meeting includes an introduction to the contents of the recently developed Hazard Mitigation Plan with an emphasis on actions to mitigate risk to people, buildings, and infrastructure from natural hazards such as floods, winter storms, and hurricanes.

The Zoom meeting is interactive! Participants will answer several multiple choice and open-ended poll questions as well as have a chance to ask questions and participate in a discussion. Plan developers want to know how you recommend your community protects itself from natural hazards. The SCRCOG Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Outreach Meeting will be held 1/12/23 from 6-7pm via Zoom

A flyer for the event is attached and the Zoom link can be reached by visiting: https://scrcog.org/regional-planning/regional-hazard-mitigation/

SCRCOG has a survey on the Hazard Mitigation Plan available online until January 13, 2023, where you can provide your ideas regarding lessening the impact of natural hazards on the region.  I have attached a flyer about the survey with a QR code that you can post. You can access the survey through this link: South Central CT: Hazard Mitigation Survey – South Central Regional Council of Governments (scrcog.org)