Flood Depth Map

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What is Flood Depth?

VE and some AE flood zones have what's called a Base Flood
Elevation (BFE).  A BFE is determined to be the crest of a 1%
annual chance flood - meaning there's a 1 in 100 chance of a flood
of this magnitude occurring every year.

To understand what impact this flood would have it is important
to understand how deep the water would be in a given location.
Flood depth is a rather simple concept, take the
known ground elevation* and subtract that measurement from
what the BFE is.  If a piece of land is 8 feet above sea level and
the base flood elevation is 12 feet then it is expected that the 1%
annual flood would be 4 feet high in that location.

Elevation benchmarks are shown.  These provide accurate
elevation points for reference.

*Elevation data provided by CT Eco http://cteco.uconn.edu/