Harbor Management Commission & Marina

The City of Milford has two regulatory agencies responsible for managing the growth in and around the Harbor area and Milford waters.

The Planning and Zoning Board is responsible for enforcing and updating the City's zoning ordinances and for reviewing upland development proposals within Milford's coastal boundary to insure consistency with the state Coastal Management Act pursuant to the Act's coastal site plan review requirements.

The Harbor Management Commission is a nine member commission (7 regular, 2 alternates) appointed by the Mayor, with Board of Alderman confirmation.

The Harbor Management Commission is charged with:

  1. Evaluating the effect of existing, and often uncoordinated, municipal, state, and federal regulatory programs in light of the unique constraints existing at a specific waterfront, to evaluate potential problems, identify local maritime goals and objectives, and then to create an integrated management framework designed to accomplish the stated goals and objectives through coordination of local, state, and federal government agencies.
  2. Protecting the natural resources in and around Milford's waterfront and encourage their proper management.
  3. Providing a system of waterfront community facilities and services that is responsive to public needs.
  4. Encouraging water-dependent enterprises which offer employment and address community needs that are compatible with the other goals and objectives.

The Harbor Management Commissions jurisdiction includes the municipal boat ramp and dockage, the Maritime Park and Milford Lisman Landing Marina located at the Head of the Harbor, Milford Harbor waters and moorings and the East Side of the Housatonic River  adjacent to the City of Milford waters and moorings.

A public boat launch facility, used by residents and non residents alike is located at the Head of the Harbor behind Milford Public Library and is a short distance to Long Island Sound.  The concrete paved ramp is approximately 100 feet wide, divided into three bays by two 80 foot long guide floats.  In addition, there are floats at the northern and southern sides of the ramp for temporary tie up, loading and unloading.  A private contractor operates a food vending stand next to the ramp.
The city dock, located on the west side of the harbor at the end of a narrow right of way adjacent to the Milford Boat Works, is a small and limited facility. The dock is suitable for short term tie up by vessels loading or unloading passengers or supplies for emergencies and is accessible to the public for fishing or viewing.

A publicly owned transient marina is located at the north end of Milford Harbor on the west side of the channel.  This facility provides dockage for 35 transient vessels and for 5 local commercial fishing vessels.

There are approximately 130 moorings available, by application, in Milford Harbor.  They are located to the east and west sides of the federal channel from the Head of the Harbor to the mouth of the Harbor.  There are approximately 70 moorings available, by application, on the East Side of the Housatonic River opposite the Housatonic Boat Club.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ray Swift Operations Director 203 874-1610
Bruce Kuryla Harbormaster 203 876-2670