Pet Safety

When preparing for an emergency be sure that extra food, water and medications are available for your pets.  Identify hotels and the homes of friends and family that could shelter you and your pets in the event of an emergency and include those names and numbers in your emergency kit. Store copies of their immunization and health records as well.

Be sure that leashes, harnesses and crates are in good working order.  Keep a current photo of your pet(s) should you become separated. 

If a friend or family member can foster your pet be sure to provide them with detailed care and feeding instructions as well as any necessary supplies.

In accordance with Federal law, service animals will not be separated from their owners; and, in the event of co-located shelter facilities, service animals will be sheltered with their owners in the human portion of the shelter facility.

Some residents may not evacuate a threatened area when told to do so by local officials if they believe they will not be able to bring their pets to a safe evacuation destination.  Owners of animals, when notified of an upcoming emergency, should take reasonable steps to provide for their animals – either by sheltering them in place or by relocating or evacuating them.  This is the animal owner’s responsibility.

However, the City of Milford may open a pet-friendly shelter.  If so, owners are responsible for the care and feeding of their animals.  The Animal Control Department can offer assistance to residents looking to find an alternative location for sheltering pets.