CARES Act CDBG-CV Allocation in Support of the Milford Community

HUD Grant in Response to COVID-19

Federal CARES Act Funds in Response to the Coronavirus Health & Economic Concerns

Notice of Public Comment - Citizen Participation Plan and CARES Act Amendment. To provide the public a reasonable opportunity to comment during a time of national crisis or emergency HUD will allow grantees short-term flexibilities to administer and implement the federal grant and promote safe “social distancing” practices. For details please go to HUD Community and Plannning Development .  The Citizen Participation Plan will be amended to incorporate these flexibilities into its planning process. The public may comment on community needs related to COVID-19 through May 5, 2020. Organizations and businesses interested in discussing a CDBG-CV application may contact Sheila Dravis, CDBG Administrator or go to CDBG Program  page for more information.  

HUD CT CARES Act CDBG-CV Allocations - Milford will receive $303,209.  The City of Milford will receive HUD CDBG-CV funds for the purpose of preventing, preparing for, and responding to the Coronavirus public health and economic crisis.  City anticipates it will allocate CDBG-CV funds toward: Public services that target health testing, diagnosis or other services at a fixed or mobile location; Service activities requiring equipment, supplies, materials to carry out public services;  Small business with a need to create jobs or for paycheck protection, if a SBA loan was denied; Public and private renovation or building improvements in response to COVID-19. See attached CDBG-CV Guide.  Current Programs that may receive CDBG-CV funds in response to COVID-19:   Beth El Center Emergency Shelter Meals to shelter clients required to social distance; Rent, Mortgage and Utility Payment Assistance after the forebearance period - Contact the Human Service Department at 203-783-3253; Job Training to rejoin the workforce. Contact the Milford Adult Education Department to learn about a scholarship for Computer class at 203-783-3400 or go to the webpage.  

Updates from State of Connecticut, Department of Housing (DOH) on Housing Notices and Orders Regarding COVID-19.  In addition, the DOH requests public comment on uses of CDBG-CV. The CT Small Cities CDBG Program is available to cities with populations under 50,000. CT Small Cities application process extended to May 22, 2020. Inquire with DOH to access CDBG-CV funding in response to COVID-19.  

Small Business Support & Resources  Milford ECD COVID-19 Business Assistance  Guide for Small Business Owner of Non-Profit & For-Profit's  CT COVID-19 Update - Resource & Services  4/27/20