Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Reports & Program Information

History, Notices, Programs, Grant Application Process and Recipient Requirements


In June of 1974 President Gerald R. Ford announced the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. The historic legislation was passed by the Congress to assist our cities and counties prioritize and plan growth so to improve and develop areas where low and moderate income households reside; benefit persons earning a household income at or below the 80% median income by area; prevent or eliminate areas of slum and blight, or address a specific urgent and unforeseen community need. Under the Act, the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Office of Community Planning Development administers the Community Development Block Grant award, an annual Entitlement Grant awarded to communities who meet certain criteria such as; a 50,000 plus population, the vicinity to an urban area, the level of economic decline, the age of housing stock, and the concentration of low and moderate income residents. The State of Connecticut receives Small Cities Grant which towns and cities under 50,000 can apply for a grant to complete specific community development projects or programs.

Entitlement communities and the State must prepare a Five-Year Consolidated Strategic Plan which includes a needs assessment and a housing market analysis. At that the same time the Analysis of Impediments, an assessment of fair housing issues, can be updated. The Consolidated Plan public participation process solicits feedback and input on housing and community needs to establish priorities and set goals for addressing those needs.  Preparation of the Annual Action Plan includes a public participation process and a Notice of Available Funding (NOFA) request for local non-profit organizations, public and private agencies and municipal departments to submit grant proposals that meet the goals set in the Five-year strategic Plan.  Milford Economic & Community development, with the Housing Partnership Committee, review the application(s) and propose a budget for approval by the Board of Alderman.  The CDBG program year begins October 1 and ends September 30 and activity accomplishments are assessed and publicized in Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) through a public notice and hearing prior to Dec 27th each year.

For information on CDBG Housing program(s), a Milford Affordable Housing List and CT 8-30g statutory regulations, income and rent calculation go to     City of Milford Housing link. For more information please contact Sheila Dravis, CDBG Administrator, [email protected].   

PROGRAM & GRANT APPLICATION INFORMATION                                                                                                              Notice of Public Comment has ended. No written comment on amendments to the City Citizen Participation Plan and FY CDBG-CV funds was received. Approval of the Citizen Participation Plan will on the Board of Alderman agenda for June. The Plan is available for review under the REPORTS section of this page.  

CDBG Project Pictures, 2017- 2019                                                                                                       CDBG PY45 FY19 Activity & Project List

Milford Map - Census Tract and Block Group Data (HUD 2019)

2020-2025 Five-Year Strategic Plan Process & Analysis of Impediment Process 

FY2020-2025 Five Year Strategic ConPlan - Summary of Goals and Objectives

CDBG Program Presentation  Public Hearing on February 12, 2020  

Community Survey Closed - Results used to develop new Five-Year Strategic Goals and Objectives 

CDBG Schedule, FY2020-25 Five-Year Strategic Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan - Updated May 18, 2020  

Notice of Public Hearing on February 12, 2020

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) with 2020-2025 Five Year Goals and Objectives - Publish date April 2, 2020

PY46 Annual Action Plan, FY20-21 CDBG Application & *Program Guideline - Due May 13, 2020 

FY20-21 Program Application Guideline (Adobe PDF) *Revised Application Instructions April 29, 2020

FY20-21 Program Application (Excel Fillable Protected) - Posted April 2, 2020

FY20-21 Activity Budget Form (Excel Fillable Protected)