CDBG-CV & Community Resources

Additional Assistance in Response to COVID-19

Federal CARES Act Funds in Response to the Coronavirus Health & Economic Concerns

Notice of Public Comment - Citizen Participation Plan and CARES Act Amendment. To provide the public a reasonable opportunity to comment during a time of national crisis or emergency HUD will allow grantees short-term flexibilities to administer and implement the federal grant and promote safe “social distancing” practices.  The Citizen Participation Plan has been amended to incorporate these flexibilities into its planning process as required by HUD. Organizations and businesses interested in discussing a CDBG-CV application may contact Sheila Dravis, CDBG Administrator. To view the CDBG-CV allocations and additional information about the program click the link here, CDBG Program  and it will take you to the webpage for more information.  

HUD CT CARES Act CDBG-CV Allocations -  The City of Milford will receive from HUD $303,209 CDBG-CV funds for the purpose of preventing, preparing for, and responding to the Coronavirus public health and economic crisis.  Through a substantial amendment to the PY45 Annual Action Plan the City will allocate the funds toward the cost of services as described in the  attached CDBG-CV Guide.  

If you are in need of assistance and services due to economic or health care concerns the attached Milford Resource list provides contact information to help you. 

Rent, Mortgage and Utility Payment Assistance, before or after the forebearance period - Contact the Human Service Department at 203-783-3253;

Employment Skills & Job Training to rejoin the workforce. Contact the Milford Adult Education Department to learn about a scholarship for Computer class at 203-783-3400 or go to the webpage.  

Small Business Support & Resources  Milford ECD COVID-19 Business Assistance  Guide for Small Business Owner of Non-Profit & For-Profit's  CT COVID-19 Update - Resource & Services  4/27/20