Tasks and Responsibilities

1.  Repository for all documents that are filed or recorded as official records within the City.

2.  Repository for all documents recorded, involving real estate and property within the City.  This includes Veterans Discharge records:

Veterans Discharges
Under C.G.S. 12-81, sub-heading 19, Veterans of the Armed Services who served in time of war are eligible for an exemption on the assessment of their real estate or their motor vehicle.

For eligibility a veteran must place a copy of his/her service record (usually a DD-214 form) on record in the City Clerk’s office.  It must be filed before October 1st of any given year.

The Assessor’s office maintains a listing of  “Time of War” or conflict periods that qualify the veteran for the exemption.

To be noted is the fact that the exemption will not automatically move to another Connecticut town or city.  It must be re-recorded by the veteran in the new town or city for eligibility there.  If the veteran moves to another address in Milford the veteran must notify the Milford City Assessor.

3.  As Registrar of Vital Statistics the office is the repository for all vital statistics documents (i.e. Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Civil Unions.)

4.  Issues Licenses for:
        a.  Marriage          f. Hunting and Fishing
        b.  Dog                 g. Trapping
        c.  Kennel             h. Archery
        d.  Hunting            i. Junior Trapping, Hunting and Archery
        e.  Fishing            

5.  Involvement with the election process.

6.  Involvement with the voter making process.

7.  Clerk to the Board of Aldermen.

8.  Bookkeeping functions as they relate to receipt of various revenues for the City and the State.

9.  Provides copies of the various documents under its keeping for varying fees and subject to any State or local restrictions thereto.

10.  Does whatever is required under the various and sundry statutes and Charter requirements in order to carry out the legal proper and necessary functions of government and record keeping thereto.

11.  Acts as required, and requested, as a general source of knowledge and information pertaining to a myriad number of subjects.