Strategic Plan


The Milford Public Library is embarking on a strategic planning process to guide our services for the next five years.  We are currently seeking proposals from consultants to help us think critically, set priorities and envision what is best for our community. 

Milford Public Library Strategic Plan RFP *

*UPDATE: The Strategic Plan timeline has been pushed back a few weeks.

All questions related to the RFP should be addressed, via email, to Christine Angeli, Library Director, at

Submitted Questions/Answers:

Do you have a range of budget in mind for the planning project?
The library purposefully did not provide a budget as we have some flexibility and would be willing to entertain plans, at a variety of costs,  that provide the perfect framework to help us move toward improving our services.  That said, we are a municipal department, with limited outside funding.
What is the operating budget for the Library?
The operating budget for FY18 has been approved at $1,156,248.  We also have income through a full service Passport Office.
We feel that a plan is not truly complete unless some thought has been given to the necessary resources required to implement it. Are financial projections an element that you want?
Financial projections would be welcome. The RFP lists minimal proposal requirements; if providing financial projections is an added on cost, please provide the additional fee.
In the scope of work – item 7 asks that “future space utilization” be included. Can you explain more about what that means? Does it refer to the space needs associated with the priorities, goals, objectives, activities? Or is it a more expansive topic? Should we anticipate subcontracting with a space planner to address this piece of the scope?
"Future space utilization" refers mostly to those needs associated with service priorities as defined in the Strategic Plan. However, minor interior renovation plans were drawn up in 2016 in response to anticipated capital funds being available. These plans have not yet been implemented but would be available for review to see if and how they fit into a new Strategic Plan.
In the scope of work – item 8 asks for a visually engaging version of the planning document. Should the cost for graphic design be included in the proposal? Does the Library have a designer who is familiar with your style, or should I plan on subcontracting with a designer?
These costs should be included; the Library does not have a graphic design department.