Can I use a fire-pit in my yard?

Fire-pits are allowed on private property; however, they must comply with the following restrictions:

1) 36" maximum dimension of fire-pit

2) Only seasoned firewood to be burned (no brush)

3) No public nuisance is created



Any fire on City property, or any fire not complying with the above-stated restrictions, shall require an "Open-Burning Certificate" from the Fire Marshal.  (please refer to City Ordinance - Article V.)

If you wish to apply for an Open-Burning Certificate, please complete the open burn certificate application and deliver to our office located at 72 New Haven Avenue. You also may deliver this form via email at for review. We ask that all applications be delivered at least 72 hours prior the date of the Open Burn Event.

As always, be a good neighbor and ensure your recreational fire does not cause any disturbance or inconvenience for others around you!

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