Animal Control

On call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

We are a multifaceted Animal Control Agency. First we are a law enforcement agency. We enforce all laws pertaining to animals. We pick up and impound any roaming dogs. We respond to over 150 animal complaints a month. We have an immaculately clean facility and very wholesome environment so that the animals can thrive and with a little love, attention, and training be adopted to suitable homes.

We also have a very good educational program for area schools, and a very successful Pet Therapy program for the area convalescent homes.

We have a wonderful volunteer program geared toward parent-child interaction. Our volunteers do fund raisers, care for the animals and plant flowers, etc. to make the Shelter more inviting. They also run a pet food bank that supplies pet food to indigent people who would otherwise have to give up their beloved pet for lack of money to feed them.

Last year, we began a feral cat project. We as a community, trap, inoculate, and alter, and release them back to the area so that we may eventually end the feral cat colonies plaguing our City.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Scott Ellingson Animal Control Officer
Christopher Connors Assistant Animal Control Officer
Janet Perreault Office Manager
Marc Ruby Kennel Keeper / Assistant Animal Control Officer
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